Going Public


Going Public is not only a financial decision but also a cultural one.
The decision makers in a company thinking about getting listed, must ask themselves whether they want to put up with the additional responsibilities of listing.
Information which is price-sensitive must be disclosed by the listed company without being asked.
Management must be willing to inform investors what is happening and share one’s vision and strategies with the market.
Management’s performance is constantly open to scrutiny by regulators, investors, shareholders, stockbrokers, journalists, and the public in general.
A spotlight is placed on corporate governance when previously most things took place behind closed doors.
One could falsely encourage a company to get listed without pointing these implications, and the costs involved, but only if the sponsoring stockbroker and other advisers prepare the company thoroughly and unequivocally is the company likely to be a stock market success.
A security is a success if it creates value which is shared between the company and the investor. How much each gets is a fine balance. But then all good business is a fine balance.
A company must ensure that its securities are a success in much the same way that its products are.
Going public is not just about meeting requirements of the stock exchange: it is about a fundamental change of a company’s philosophy in its whole approach to how it does business. Its relationship with customers, employees and shareholders will change as it faces more expectation and public scrutiny.


IPO Marketing

Strategy entails not only the formulation of sound policies, but the systematic implementation of the processes involved therein.
As such, it is not enough to just have a brilliant marketing plan.
A company desirous of raising cash from the investing public must be able to articulate its story and highlight the investment opportunity it presents to same.
The right marketing mix may require press releases, industry or sector-specific presentations, local and/or international road shows, direct meetings with groups, such as investment clubs, portfolio and fund managers, or individuals, and other ways of interacting with potential investors.
Our company assists in the formulation and implementation of the marketing strategies for its clients.