Theoretically, democracy, in the frames of emerging markets, gives social and economic players the right to assert their interests towards public and private decision-makers.
Practically, although this right is universal, few players succeed in convincing decision makers to follow up on their claims.
Our company as a strategist-consulting firm specialized in the art of asserting the rights of our clients and influence decisions-makers on their behalf.
As such, we make use of our specialized knowledge in public affairs and benefits from a large network of contacts in both the public and private sectors.
Thanks to these key advantages, Virtus Capital can give excellent strategic advice and support our clients in a wide variety of projects.
Our firm’s lobbying services, which are tailored to meet each client’s needs, include the following:

Political Strategy & Planning: Helping clients to evaluate their lobbying needs and to develop and enhance their own policy.
Monitoring & Reporting: Monitoring and timely reporting of different legislative and administrative activities in the targeted countries.

Coalitions: Directing or participating in lobbying coalitions on issues involving a number of interested parties;

Meetings & Contacts: Scheduling meetings with local governmental officials, key persons etc. Establishing and maintaining contacts.

Presence: Providing our clients with an ongoing respected presence in the countries they need to.